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“Lost And Found”

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    My introduction to BOB X was in the early 80s via XEX Graphics which was a badass Xeroxed mini comic he and fellow artist, XNO, published out of Memphis, TN.

    XEX hit hard immediately. Not a single stinker in its stable. Every contributor, a grade-a eyeball scorcher. A bit of a revelation really. Keep in mind, up till then the dominant punk artists with any notable profile were Shawn Kerri, Marc Rude, Nick Blinko, Vince Rancid, and Pushead so imagine seeing the works of Bob, XNO, Jeff Gaither, and RK Sloane for the first time. Other artists like Jim Blanchard would of course surface shortly soon after but this cat and his pals were a breath of fresh air in that moment in time.

    Originally intended as a Your Flesh front cover, this smoking piece of eye candy by BOB X was accidentally misplaced. It was mistakenly filed away and forgotten where it was placed, only to be unburied all these years later, long after Your Flesh stopped being a print entity. I remember being enthusiastic about it at the time and insanely pissed off I couldn’t locate it when I went to make use of it, but in hindsight, I’m really not surprised. I was in my 20s, incredibly irresponsible and insanely unorganized, and when it came to most everything to do with producing Your Flesh it was by the seat-of-my-pants. Productivity was largely prompted (if not dictated) by fits and starts of spontaneity, and the stars (and personal preoccupations at the time) had to align just so in order for things to coalesce into definitive action.

    Better late than never? I truly hope so. -Peter Davis/ Your Flesh

    LIMITED TO 75. Printed on Canvas soft cotton hoodies.