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“(Eye) Balls Out”

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    My distorted thoughts on myopia, dystopian ping-pong, and the eye-popping gore cartoons of Your Flesh Fanzine. Which is to say, in my early life, while other children dribbled basketballs and learned their ABC’s, far-out was a big blur to me, yet up close that was really way-out. Painting pupils on bulging peepers popping from Big Daddy Roth model kits, gorging on lurid horror comics, pondering Poe, and dreaming before the boob-tube to The Night Gallery, Twilight Zone, and Hammer horror flicks—that was the way it was. Later on, stupid looking spectacles corrected my murky middle-school orbs, yet said specs were frequently bent and broken due to a rebellious sense of humor that ran with the punk rock bowel movement, barfing up post-Vietnam Plop Culture. In the Early 80’s I’d draw comics for Your Flesh Fanzine just for the fun of it (not the money). Pete lived a few houses down from our seven-bedroom Blood Feast shack in Minneapolis. I recall the unveiling of the Xeroxed and skull-laden YF #1 in a small basement apartment in 1982, and I wanted to get in on the action—So naturally, as a visual artist, I had the unconscious Biblical desire to pluck out my eyeballs. -Mike Etoll 

    LIMITED TO 100 Glow In the Dark Prints. Printed on Bella/Canvas soft spun cotton tees. Ladies tees printed on Bella “Favorite Tees” Ladies’ sizes run small.