“Hollywood Forever”

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  • Release # BFLD191
  • Limited to 500
  • Size Chart (Gildan/Bella) Clear
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    This shirt exists due to an outpouring of generosity from Don Bolles (GERMS drummer) and photographer Ronn Spencer. If you’re looking at this, you likely know who both of these guys are already. We “met” Ronn a few years ago when we worked on a GERMS/ Chris Shary shirt based on one of his (Ronn’s) classic photos of the band. Due to our excitement and rush to get this aforementioned garment up for grabs, we somehow forgot to clear everything with Ronn. Now… granted, it was a drawing, but there’s no getting around the fact that it was based entirely on Ronn’s photo. What was Ronn’s response when he saw the shirt being sold online? He championed our efforts and encouraged everyone to buy it. We saw his post and that’s how we found out he was not in the loop! A few weeks ago we reached out to him and asked if he was into working with us on some photo tees. He was! Here’s what Ronn had to say about this photo session with The GERMS:

    “It was 1978  and it occurred to Germs manager, Nicole Panter, that there weren’t any suitable pictures of the Germs offstage and wondered if I’d shoot the band gratis. I didn’t hesitate—they were one of my favorite groups, they looked great and I knew I could get some good shots.

    This picture was taken at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. I can’t remember exactly why that was one of the locations Darby insisted on, but it seemed appropriate at the time—in fact just about anything seemed appropriate at the time. Nicole was a good friend but I didn’t really know the band. With nothing to go on but their stage appearances, I expected a difficult session. Nicole said she’d keep them in line but it wasn’t really necessary. Turns out everybody was relaxed and cooperative and we got some interesting shots.” -Ronn Spencer

    LIMITED TO 500. Ladies’ shirts are printed on Bella Favorite Ts. Ladies’ tees run small.