Mike Watt

“The Man In The Van (Again)”

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    This here is my 3rd shirt design for the always entertaining, master of the thunder broom and captain of the boat Mike Watt. What can’t be said about this dude. He’s just the best and there’s not another bass player in the land like him. From the Minutemen, to Firehose, to the solo opera and everything else, Mike Watt is a creative force fo nature. I once saw Watt play at the original Kings Barcade in Raleigh. I had been at work at the restaurant next door so I arrived late and claimed a spot in the back by the soundboard. There was a younger girl standing next to me there with her fingers in her ears, she looked at me and mouthed “its soooo loud”I reached in my pocket and grabbed two fresh cigarettes and ripped off the clean filters and hand them to her “here use these”. She was not very excited about putting some strangers cig butts in here ears, but they were clean so she took them and used them as ear plugs. About two more songs in I could tell she was doing better. After the show she thanked me profusely saying she had a headache when she showed up to the show and said she would have had a really bad time without them. I never saw that girl again, I have no idea who she is, but whenever I hear Mike Watt I always think of that girl furiously shoving cigarette butts in her ears and it makes me laugh. Mike Watt makes me laugh and his music makes me even happier. Jam Econo kids. -Jer Warren

    LIMITED TO 300. Printed on BellaCanvas soft spun cotton tees. Ladies’ tees printed on Bella “Favorite Tees”. Ladies’ sizes run small.