Artist / Band By Goner
Released: Sep 01st, 2003 Format: CD


  1. Whatever Day It Is
  2. Are We There Yet?
  3. Laura's Conversion (Heat + Light)
  4. The Encore
  5. Lake Geneva IL
  6. Letters To Cal
  7. The Lazy Star
  8. Jessica's Song
  9. Northgate 6
  10. Black Coffee Red Wine
  11. Me & Billy (Kidding Ourselves)
  12. Townies


The original press release for this one read:

Finally! Here’s the second release from Raleigh, NC pop geniuses “Goner”. 12 Energetic, quirky, Moog laden, masterpieces with vocals and lyrics that will hit you harder than a drunk redneck on crank. Goner proves that bands don’t have to be cookie cutter generic emo in order to make catchy, fast music that’s jammed full of emotion. A truly unique, mature gem of an album.

Goner is a great pop band made up of three middle aged dudes from Raleigh, NC. I knew them all from the bar scene and I had seen their band play a bunch of times. As with many of the Bifocal Media “signings”, we were all drinking one night and I said something like “DUDES… We’ve GOT to do a Goner record on Bifocal Media”. They made this one and it’s great. Unfortunately, Goner never toured so hardly anyone outside of Raleigh, NC ever heard about them or more importantly, HEARD their songs. It’s a shame as I think they would have been enormous. The record we put out for Goner after this one (Rock ‘N’ Roll Always Forgets) is even better. Good dudes making good records.



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