Action Patrol

“On Patrol Hoodie”

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    Given the recent, lovingly produced repress of all the Action Patrol material on Vinyl, we thought it only fitting to design a super limited AP hoodie. I had a blast taking Brian Walsby’s illustration of the band and putting this thing together. We stopped just short of offering this with pants for the full Action Patrol leisure suit. Here’s what I wrote when we offered the T-shirt version of this design years ago:

    It was around 1995 when my friend and former Bifocal Media co-owner Jay Holmes returned home from an out of town show (probably in some kid’s living room) with the first and only Action Patrol LP on Whirled Records. The songs were catchy, fast, quirky, and surprisingly complex. We were quickly drawn to these tunes and it wasn’t long before we realized that just about everyone else who heard or saw this Richmond, VA band was an instant fan.

    Action Patrol fans ranged from pretentious art punk types to pop punk and hardcore kids. In a live setting, singer David Grant would bounce around wildly; belting out anthemic lyrics that everyone in attendance seemed to know. The rest of the band (including guitarist and AP mastermind Chris Taggart) didn’t really have to move at all. Action Patrol shows were a protest, a party, and a memorable rock and roll experience. Do yourself a favor and look them up on youtube… right after you order this shirt! There’s even an arrow on the sleeve for those of you who remember the AP jumpsuits. -Charles Cardello/ Bifocal Media

    LIMITED TO 100. Printed on Gildan Heavy Cotton Hoodies.