“Waterbear Hoodie”

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    I’ve known Mark n Steve longer than some of you have been alive. I think we met at a U-Men/Wipers show in Bellingham mid 80’s. It’s debated, but I say AmRep even released the first Mudhoney track (Dope, Guns vol. 1 beating their debut Sub Pop 7” release in ‘88). Regardless we’ve collaborated a bunch over the decades and here’s the latest, in an eye gouging t-shirt design. I should say I’m surprised we’re all still kicking it this late in the game, but I had a hunch we were all lifers. Linocut waterbear and logo. 2019/2021 -Thomas Hazelmyer.

    LIMITED TO 150. Printed on BellaCanvas Soft Cotton Hoodies. If you’re on the fence about sizing, go a size up.