Agent Orange

“Skate Rock Hoodie”

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  • Release # BFLD462H
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    We offered this design several years ago in a couple different t shirt variations. Folks have been asking about a hoodie version ever since the beginning. So…After a brief chat with Mike Palm and artist Chris Shary, we’ve decided to print 150 zip ups. Get it while we got it! -Charles Cardello

    Agent Orange are the embodiment of the whole Southern California experience. Skaters, surfers, and punkers. Doesn’t get much more Southern California than that. Posh Boy Records real break out band, Agent Orange have been at it for over 35 years now (how is that possible?). One of the very first skaterock bands to ever have a signature board put out (I believe the Big Boys beat them by just a tad), and one of the first skaterock bands to appear on a skate video (VISION’s 1984 classic “Skatevisions”).  This shirt is a tribute to those early skate roots, with a design inspired by the iconic Val-Surf shirts from the mid 70’s. This design sold out of it’s initial run (on blue) fairly quickly so we decided to re-issue it on dark heather. -Chris Shary

    LIMITED TO 150. Printed on BellaCanvas Soft Cotton Hoodies. If you’re on the fence about sizing, go a size up.