Agent Orange

“All I Need (Hoodie)”

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    This April, the morning before Agent Orange were set to play the “When We Were Young” fest in Santa Ana, Agent Orange founder, guitarist/singer Mike Palm was doing what any good skate rock legend should be doing, he was out skating. Mike unexpectedly hung up on a backside grind, slammed and decimated his wrist. Worse slam he’d ever taken, which is saying a lot considering he’s been skating since the early 70’s! Insurance didn’t cover the Evel Knievel level surgery, so Mike’s on his own. Seems like a perfect time for a new Agent Orange Bifocal shirt right? Truth is we were talking about doing one a few months back, but with Mike’s recent injury, we suddenly had the perfect image, an Ed “Big Daddy” Roth styled Mike skating with his Duane Peters striped cast (which is what his cast actually looks like). Summer fests are coming and you probably need a fresh new Agent Orange to look good in, plus Mike could use the help with the medical bills too! -Chris Shary

    LIMITED TO 150. Printed on Gildan heavy cotton hoodies.