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“Sharpie Redux (Hoodie)”

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    In 1984 my eyes were ripped open to hardcore music thanks to the compilation “Let Them Eat Jellybeans”. It was my gateway record into the dark underbelly of the most blistering and unusual music I had ever heard. I studied the album like it was a holy relic. The massive poster that came with it had addresses and grainy photos or art from each of the bands included, and it was my first taste of Dead Kennedys, Black Flag and Bad Brains. All 3 of these bands confirmed for me what new musical path I would take. I knew some of the bands on the compilation had released more music by the label “Jellybeans” was on, and so I began to explore the label feverishly. Pretty much anything that was on Alternative Tentacles I could depend on to challenge me and excite me. It was avery strange label which put out music which was very hard to describe or define. It was an artistic label, and had an aesthetic an taste that was unmatched. To this day Alternative Tentacles continues to put out bizarre and challenging music. They not only have top notch last in reissues (The Frantix, The Dicks, Really Red to name a few) but also continue to crank out some great current bands Death Hymn 9, Slim Cessna’s Auto Club, and any of Jello’s projects. The iconic logo for the label, as originally designed by the master Winston Smith has been lovingly reinterpreted with my signature Sharpie style. I could not be more honored to give this classic my own spin. Long live independent music and long live Alternative Tentacles. -Chris Shary

    LIMITED TO 150. Printed on Canvas lightweight hoodies. They run around a full size small.