Big Boys

“Always A Seat”

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    You might be wondering, “why are Bifocal Media doing yet another t shirt for eighties based Austin, Texas band BIG BOYS?” Well, I am glad you asked. It’s because the BIG BOYS were one of the biggest and best bands to have ever come out of the do it yourself/punk rock world; a world whose influence has been felt in the ongoing decades that have passed. The BIG BOYS walked the walk and talked the talk, but always with a welcoming smile. They wanted you to get involved and participate. They wanted you to start your own band. To make art, to write, to be creative, to do a fanzine, to be friends, to play whatever the heck you want and have a good time doing it. Looking back, everything that they did was the right thing. The music they made, no matter what it was, was always the right thing. And when they disbanded towards the middle of the decade, even that was the right thing. The influence that they had, along with plenty of other bands of their time, continues to resonate.

    This drawing of the  Big Boys features the band’s last lineup with Tim Kerr, Chris Gates, Rey Washam, and the late Randy “Biscuit” Turner. This is the lineup that recorded the bands last two albums, “Lullabies Make The Brain Grow” and “No Matter How Long The Line Is At The Cafeteria There Is Always A Seat”. I would like to thank both Tim Kerr for green lighting this as well as Charles for wanting to do it. I love the Big Boys. And you should too. Investigate. -Brian Wasby

    LIMITED TO 300. Printed on Canvas Soft Cotton Tees. Ladies tees run VERY small so check the size chart.