Dead Milkmen

“Eat Your Paisley Skateboard”

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    “Eat Your Paisley” was the first Dead Milkmen album I was able to find in England back in 86. I heard the hype from “Big Lizard” and had even heard the album itself but was unable to find it anywhere in the UK. Imports were funky at best and it was always a mystery what you could find from the states. Anyway, the cover initially attracted me to “Eat Your Paisley”. I loved the childlike imagery and use of what I think was chalk to do the illustration. It certainly stood out visually, and when I got it home to play, it completely took me by surprise. It was funny, sweet, and weird, like really weird, but not Butthole Surfers weird, a weird I could relate to. A weird for kids who grew up with MAD magazine and Sid & Marty Kroft. A weird for kids who were picked last at football. A weird for kids who didn’t fit in with any of the macho stuff of adolescents. It was an amazing album that I played to death. “The Thing That Only Eats Hippies”, “Fifty Things”, “Six Days” and of course the hauntingly beautiful “I Hear Your Name” just could not get out of my head. This album never fails to put me in a good mood and make me forget the world is falling apart. Honestly don’t we need something like that every now and again? Of course we do.

    So, for this art: I adore this cover, so I wondered if i could do something with it. I thought and thought til my thinker was sore and finally I hit upon the idea of the cover being a part of a comic strip. What if the cover was a section of a comic strip, the reaction shot to a bratty kid getting something to eat that they don’t care for. I tried my best to make it feel like the actual cover and make sense being expanded. Of course I was thrilled when the band said “OK” to doing it. I truly feel 2 feet off the ground! -Chris Shary