“Metaroo, Metajoey, Platyrider, and Devil Doragon”

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  • Release # BFLD283
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    The Hard-Ons are very flattered that John Burwood has lent his intense and quirky talents and spirit to a t-shirt design for us. John’s design and art are right up our alley – comic characters that are surreal, monstrous and in-your-face -Raymond Ahn/ Hard-Ons

    Having been given the honour of coming up with a shirt design for Australia’s beloved punks The Hard-Ons, I decided to turn to my fandom of Kaiju for inspiration. The first creatures I came up with were the two metal kangaroos.  The body shape of a kangaroo made Metagojira an obvious choice for this parody… I call ’em Metaroo and Metajoey.  Next I turned to another uniquely Australian animal – the platypus. Nothing unusual here.. Just a duck billed, beaver tailed, otter footed mammal that lays eggs. Add to that a pair of venomous spurs, and you’ve got one deadly Platyrider! Lastly, the most true blue of the bunch – the thorny devil. Found throughout Australia’s deserts and scrublands, these tiny critters look like they’d make a hell of a menacing kaiju. Devil Doragon rounds out my four Aussie inspired characters, making this shirt design all set to go! –John Burwood

    LIMITED TO 300. Printed on Canvas soft spun cotton apparel. Ladies’ sizes printed on Bella “Favorite Tees” Ladies’ sizes run small.