“Bubble Puppy”

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    I don’t remember when or where I first heard about Sydney Australia’s The Hard-ons, but I think it was when the Descendents reformed the first time in 1985 or so. The guitarist (Blackie) was wearing a Descendents shirt, and somehow that stuck out in my mind. Initially The Hard-ons’ music reminded me of a combination of the Ramones and the Descendents with a wee bit of heavy metal thrown in there occasionally. That was fine with me. The Hard-ons had some cool songs for sure. You could tell that they listened to a lot of different music. Then I realized that they were a trio where the drummer (of all things) was the lead singer. This sort of setup is still is sort of an anomaly. The Hard-ons disbanded awhile ago but you can’t keep 3 good men down. They not only reformed, they became a quartet and (lo and behold) have a new album out that is pretty smoking. I don’t know how I somehow avoided being pen pals with these guys back in the punk rock mail correspondence days in the eighties, but I did, and only recently became friendly with the band’s artist/ bassist Raymond; who (of course) is a really nice guy. On a lark, I drew the quartet version of the band as the infamous psychedelic Sixties Texas band Bubble Puppy. Talk about a long shot for being anything that anyone would like, yet even know about. Raymond totally knew the reference and thought it was cool. They (obviously) wanted to make this into a shirt, so what do I know? We hope you like this one. Thanks again to Raymond and Co. for allowing us to do this one! -Brian Walsby

    LIMITED TO 300. Ladies’ tees printed on Bella “Favorite Tees”. The ladies’ tees run small.