“Bath Salts”

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  • Release # BFLD058
  • Limited to 500
  • Size Chart (Gildan/Bella) Clear
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    This new Melvins t shirt boasts the trio lineup of Buzz, Dale, and the one and only Jeff Pinkus! This design originated out of an idea I had for one of those homemade posters that I have sold out on the road. After doing this idea about forty times it was suggested to me that this would make one heckuva t shirt design. Well, you didn’t have to tell me twice. Besides being sort of funny that the whole bath salts craze seemed to spring out of the state of Florida, there is also the unintended humor in the fact that Pinkus played bass on the Butthole Surfers classic “Moving to Florida”. And finally, the design is also sort of my attempt at making a “metal” shirt. In a warped kind of way, that is. I hope you all enjoy it! -Brian Walsby

    LIMITED TO 500. Ladies’ shirts are printed on Bella Favorite Ts. Ladies’ tees run small!