Dave Smalley

“Pack Leader”

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    As maybe you have heard, Dave Smalley is recovering from a horrendous 2023. Dave was dealing with cancer and chemo through most of the year and in the fall experienced some complications and was in a coma for over a month. Once conscious again and recovering, he developed encephalitis (swelling of the brain) and was back in the hospital for several weeks. Dave has recently been released and while back at home has been doing a hefty amount of PT to get back to normal functions. It’s been devastating physically, emotionally and financially on Dave, but he is on the road to recovery. Dave tends to be a more private person with his personal life and reluctant to ask for help. Of course when someone volunteers to help, it’s easier to go along with. That’s where we come in! This shirt was whipped together as an attempt to help offset some of the massive bills that have accumulated. It is a humble homage to the man who gave many of us, decades of great music from DYS, to Dag Nasty, ALL, Down By Law, The Shapshooters, The Bandoleros, and Don’t Sleep (to name a few). -Chris Shary

    Limited to 300. Printed on BellaCanvas Soft Spun Tees. Ladies sizes run really small so check the size chart.