Dead Milkmen


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    After 4 albums in 4 short years, it might be assumed that the Dead Milkmen’s joke was wearing thin with the record buyers of 1988. However, “Beelzebubba” sure proved that assumption wrong as can be! Truth be told, as the 80’s were wrapping up, the band was fine tuning their wit and hooks. 1987 gave the Milkmen a taste of commercial success with “You’ll Dance To Anything” and it was thrilling hearing it unironically being played on dance floors across the nation. I know I couldn’t believe that it was a song normal folks were starting to know. It seemed so unlikely and a bit of a fluke. Then there was “Beelzebubba”; with the bonafide HIT SONG “Punk Rock Girl”. “Punk Rock Girl” struck a nerve and was played on heavy rotation on college stations and with a hurried video thrown together, the band conquered MTV! Yep, normal play, and even Beevis and Butthead made fun of it! There was no way I could believe MY Dead Milkmen were being co-opted into the mainstream. I thought all was lost and they couldn’t survive the mainstream. 36 years later, the band is still here and I was proven wrong and stupid (again).

    After seeing the band earlier this month at their sole West Coast appearance at No Values, I was struck to try and do something to honor the bands landmark 4th album “Beelzebubba”. The idea came quickly and the approval just as quickly. This album was the gateway for so many closeted kooks and weirdos and formed a love for the band that exists to this day. I’m just so excited to be able to whip up another shirt for my favorite Philly goofballs. -Chris Shary

    Limited to 500.  Unisex shirts printed on Comfort Colors 4017 Soft Cotton Tees. Ladies’ sizes printed on Bella Canvas 6400 apparel. Ladies’ sizes run really small so check the size chart. Unisex 4X is printed on Gildan Heavy cotton apparel.