Good Riddance

“Walls Closing In (Hoodie)”

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    The first time I met the Good Riddance guys was in 1999, at the Blasting Room in Fort Collins, CO, when they were in town to record the Operation Phoenix LP. I worked for Owned & Operated Recordings, the label associated with the studio, and played in a band on that label called Wretch Like Me. The thing that struck me about Good Riddance was that they had the same energy and sense of purpose as the ’80s hardcore bands I’d grown up on and loved—Black Flag, Bad Brains, Big Boys, Zero Boys, Negative Approach, Minor Threat, etc. They also possessed a harder edge than most of their contemporaries, and a physical commitment to the music when playing live, which is something I always strived for in my own music and looked for in others. But they also have a nice sense of melody, too, which they blend with the grit in an organic, authentic way. There’s no better example of this than “Shadows of Defeat,” the first track on Operation Phoenix, the pop sensibility and anthemic nature of which is cut with grim lyrics and astringent vocals. This is one of my favorite hardcore songs of any era—tough and vulnerable at once. We ended up becoming friends, playing shows together, and keeping in touch over the years. I was bummed when they called it quits in 2007 and equally stoked when they fired things back up in 2012—throughout their entire run, they’ve plied their trade with excellence and consistency, and it’s a pleasure to be able to pay some tribute to that via an artistic collaboration. I based the illustration of the band off a brilliant live photo by Alan Snodgrass and did a hand-drawn take on the name and bomb logo. Then Charles worked his layout magic. The result? These walls keep closing in. I’m just a mannequin. Woah—it’s time to go! -Abe Brennan  LIMITED TO 150. Sizes S-2XL are printed on Canvas lightweight hoodies (THESE SIZES RUN AROUND A FULL SIZE SMALL). Sizes 3X and 4X are printed on Gildan heavy cotton hoodies (THESE ARE STANDARD IN SIZE).