Hot Water Music

“Broken Logo Machine Hoodie”

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  • Release # BFLD315
  • Limited to 300
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    Back in 1994 you still had to go to the local copy shop to cut, paste, and xerox designs for fliers, shirts, demos, or whatever else you needed. So, when Hot Water Music needed a logo and wanted something “unique,” Chris Wollard used the typewriter in his apartment to create their “typeset” logo. He figured out by smashing the keys of the same letter in the same spot over and over that, eventually, the ink would build up and begin to splatter.

    Recently while working on the layout for their new record, “Feel the Void,“ Wollard called Jason to point out that there was an issue with the logo on the artwork. Jason was really confused because it looked great to him. Wollard then proceeded to confess that the “h” key on his typewriter had been set lower than the other keys, and that the logo he made all those years ago had technically always been crooked. I found it pretty funny that both Jason had never noticed and that Wollard decided to point it out 27 years later. -Neltie Black

    Limited to 300. Printed on Canvas Soft Cotton Hoodies CLICK HERE FOR SIZE CHART.