Killing A Camera 2004

By “Braid”

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  • The official press release of this read as follows: In 1999; after playing, recording, and touring non-stop for over 5 years, Braid decided to play 5 final shows in Chicago, Milwaukee, and Champaign. These final shows attracted thousands of loyal fans from around the world. Bifocal Media was there to document the band during these last 5 days. This DVD is the result. Includes the original KAC film as well as a new film: KAC 2004 Retrospective, and audio commentary from the all original band members. Over 2 hours of new interviews and never before seen footage. This film brings together all the members of Braid, five years later, to look back at the end of one of indie’s greats.

    In reality: Brad, Jay and I flew to Chicago with some cameras, got drunk and rode around in the van with Braid while they played 5 “final” shows. Somehow we ended up with a great documentary about one of our favorite mid ‘90s bands. The original film was released on VHS in 2000 and did very well by our standards. In 2004 I flew back to Chicago with a couple of cameras and got drunk again. We made a new “where are they now” type of film and included it with the original on this DVD. Braid decided to do a reunion tour in support of the DVD release and this version ended up selling more copies than the VHS. It’s pretty cool.

  • Tracklisting

    1. Killing A Camera
    2. Capricorn
    3. Killing A Camera
    4. Grace Car Part 1
    5. The Chandelier Swing
    6. Milwaukee Sky Rocket
    7. The New Nathan Detroits
    8. Urbana's Too Dark
    9. Movie Clock Star
    10. Divers
    11. Niagra
    12. What A Wonderful Puddle
    13. My Baby Smokes
    14. Photo Montage
    15. A Dozen Roses
    16. 1975
    17. Hugs From Boys
    18. Never Will Come For Us
    1. KAC 2004 Retrospective
    2. The New Nathan Detroits
    3. Interview 1
    4. Milwaukee Sky Rocket
    5. Interview 2
    6. Breathe In
    7. Scrap Book
    8. Do You Love Coffee?
    9. Interview 3
    10. Never Will Come For Us
    11. Interview 4
    12. Capricorn
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