Malignus Youth

“Punk Kid”

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  • Release # BFLD354
  • Limited to 100
  • Size Chart (Gildan/Bella) Clear
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    Flashback to ’92 when a friend of mine had sent me a cassette tape of bands that he had been getting into recently. We usually traded tapes back and forth through the mail, exposing each other to new bands; most of whom were underground and got little recognition in the magazines or fanzines of the times. One day he sent me a really long tape (120 minutes!) with a whole side devoted to one band. A strangely named group called Malignus Youth. I grabbed the tape and my walkman and headed out the door to work. At the time, I had a job where I was allowed to listen to music on headphones while working. Within moments of listening to the cassette tape on my shift, I knew that I had a new favorite band.

    Fast forward to now and I have met a ton of amazing dedicated hardcore fans of Malignus Youth. The band members themselves have been more than gracious to allow me to design a brand new shirt for Bifocal and it’s a proud moment. Wear it and show your support and remember…Family Blood Or Not. -Jay Holmes

    LIMITED TO 100.