Mike Watt

“The Man In The Van”

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    I once met Mike Watt when I was walking into the Cats Cradle in Carrborro NC. He was standing there greeting everyone that came in the door decked out in a full firemans jacket. We asked Watt what he was playing that night and he responded “well I think I’m gonna play my opera”. This was the Contemplating the Engine Room tour and he was playing the opera that he wrote about his Dads naval days with the Minutemen as 3 men in the engine room . It struck me as something deeply personal to him and he played the hell out of that opera that night. I saw Mike as a captain of his own ship. A man at the helm of his own boat saying what he wanted to say. Mike Watt is still captain of that boat. Mask up and Jam Econo kids. -Jer Warren