New Bomb Turks

“Gnarlywood Knights”

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    New Bomb Turks are pretty much from Columbus, Ohio, like I am. I met them long after I left there, but there’s still a sort of a kinship.  I used to sometimes drive the Devil Dogs around to gigs they shared with the Turks, since they were both originally on Crypt Records.  Yes, shenanigans ensued. Anyway, the NBT got their band name from the main character (Newbomb Turk), from a 1980 movie (Look it up). So for this shirt design we took one of the movie posters and did a parody. Perfect: the four dudes planting a logo flag easily translated to Matt, Jim, Eric and Sam and the 3-word title fit right in. What’s that movie about? Oh, teenagers trying to score and their car club pranks. Nuff Said. -Pat Redding Scanlon

    LIMITED TO 300. Printed on Bella/Canvas soft spun cotton tees. Ladies tees printed on Bella “Favorite Tees” Ladies’ sizes run small.