“Wrong Again (Grey)”

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    I for sure saw NOMEANSNO live before I heard them on record. I can’t recall if it was on tour for “Wrong” but it was for sure close to that time (late 80’s or early 90’s). I had no idea what to expect because when setting up their gear the drums wear right up front, stage right and facing stage left (not the audience). I had never seen anything quite like that before or really since. Each instrument was equally important and needed equal representation visually. It seemed quite democratic. Then they started playing…….nothing could have prepared me for the next hour or so. I don’t know if i have ever been so confused or enthralled with what was happening onstage in front of my eyes. They were without question the most technically proficient and intelligent bands I had evert seen before or since. I was not smart enough to know how to process it all…..and that was exciting! Then of course I got “Wrong” and still can’t believe what an incredible album that is. When asked to do my Sharpie version of the art I jumped at the chance! I mean who doesn’t dow down to this album? It’s got something for everyone, and it’s so so dense and brilliant! Interesting side note, when I started looking at the original source photo that the cover is based on, I noticed that the horns on the cow mask were kind of forgotten about and were omitted. That’s right, I discovered that the graphic art to the cover was indeed…wrong! Then it dawned once that maybe that was the joke all along. Like I said, I’m not smart enough to understand it all, but I sure as hell enjoy it, and I hope you do too! – Chris Shary

    LIMITED TO 300. Printed on Canvas soft cotton apparel. THE LADIES’ TEES RUN SMALL