June of 44

“Recorded Syntax”

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    At some point in the late 90s, someone made me a mix tape that included the June of 44 song “Cut Your Face”. Holy Cow, I was an instant fan! At the time, I was gobbling up records by any band with the chops to write songs utilizing the unpredictability of prog rock, the “cool” of post punk and jazz, and the energy of hardcore. June of 44’s take on this approach likely influenced most of the bands I listened to at the time and (along with Slint, Drive Like Jehu, Fugazi, and a few others) their records hold up as some of my favorites to this day.

    This design was produced by June of 44 guitarist/ singer Jeff Mueller. Jeff’s New Haven based Dexterity Press produces elegantly designed and printed letterpress pieces and I’m overwhelmingly excited to be working with him and the rest of this amazing band on a shirt. -Charles Cardello/ Bifocal Media 

    A few years back I started working on an endangered / extinct species series – there’re many beautiful creatures in there – including an owl, a thylacine, a bat, and also the sturgeon featured in this design. I thought it was an appropriate specimen to tie in here, as the sturgeon is recognized as a symbol for the soul and perseverance – which runs parallel with how I perceive our collective underground, it’s forever brimming with real soul and everlasting perseverance.At the bottom there, in dark blue near the tail-fins, I’ve written in a few lyrics from our song RE-RECORDED SYNTAX : “They live there, underground, without air, still breathing”, as a reminder that we, all of us – past, present, and future – are eternally thriving, regardless of conflict, pandemics, or, even our own demons. It may be hard to see and feel at times, but, yes, our underground always finds a way to survive and thrive amid chaos.That’s all true for this art specifically, but, it’s just clothes after all. So, if need be – forget what I said, I hope you like the shirt. -Jeff Mueller

    LIMITED TO 300. Printed on Bella Canvas soft cotton tees. Ladies’ sizes run small.