“Pasted In The Alley”

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    Here’s my take on Don Lewis‘ classic Stains album art. Don was kind enough to work with us on this one and we couldn’t be happier!

    The Stains’ SST records released album is one of the greatest punk recordings to ever come out of Southern California. It’s also, along with Black Flag, one of the earliest (and best) examples of a proto metal/rock influence to be heard on a punk record. The Stains were nasty, threatening and the kind of people you wouldn’t bring home to meet your family. Exactly what punk rock often meant. Being Chicanos from East L.A. was also something a little different. Songs like “Gang Related Death”, “Get Revenge” and “Quit The Human Race” furthered this idea that these guys were an entirely different thing all together, and they captured this greatness way back in 1981.

    A great quote about the Stains comes from SST’s very own Joe Carducci. This is from his “Enter Naomi” book:

    “The hall was already half full and these four east L.A. cholos were setting up and getting puzzled looks from the crowd. Guitarist Robert Becerra was ready first and he strolled his longhaired cigarette smoking self to the lip of the stage and appraised the city’s audience while throwing off a winding driving whammy barred solo that was equal parts habanero and angel dust. Nobody soloed in 1981! Becerra was the major early figure insisting on the relevance of early seventies hard rock to punk rock if only because he hated punk rockers so much”

    Thanks to The Stains, Don Lewis, and Charles for making this happen! -Brian Walsby