The Locust

“Faces Included Hoodie”

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    We introduced this popular Haze XXL design a couple years ago as a (limited to 300) front only t shirt print. It’s currently (February) cold in the mountains of NC and I’m in need of warm clothing. So… you, my friends get the benefit of this super limited hoodie offering. Now let’s talk about The Locust:

    I first saw this spectacle of a band when then played the “More Than Music” festival in Ohio in 1997. They were weird, snotty, unapologetic, and ragingly badass! ‘Sort of like Devo meets an 80s horror movie on blue Walter White meth. It was right up my alley. Through doing video work and putting on shows, I saw these guys several times over the years and they were always a pleasure to work with. Once we started doing these limited collaborations, I reached out Locust front man Justin Pearson about working with Tom Hazelmyer and I on something. The stars aligned and once again, they were fun and easy to work with. We’ve since gone on to do several projects with Justin and The Locust.

    These new projects come in the shadow of the passing of beloved and overwhelmingly talented Locust drummer Gabe Serbian. While it’s unspeakably sad that Gabe is no longer with us; If he was, I’m sure he’d be extra stoked on this hoodie. We’d likely be randomly swapping band suggestions (while I was supposed to be working) and swapping stories about the heydays of 90s weird rock. Anyway… that’s all I’ve got to say about this one. I hope you dig it. -Charles Cardello/ Bifocal Media

    LIMITED TO 100. Printed on Bella Canvas soft cotton hoodies.