7 Seconds

“3 Chord Politics”

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    In 1980, me and my little brother Steve Youth knew that kids in underground bands had figured out how to get their music pressed onto vinyl but we hadn’t quite figured out how to raise the money to fund such a project and since we were pretty much poor, the concept just didn’t seem all that realistic for our fledgling little hardcore punk band in Reno, Nevada.

    I loved cassettes. I learned early on about taping things on a portable Sony tape recorder my Mom had and once I did, I recorded everything: Street sounds, nature noises, conversations, tunes off the radio and blurbs and bits off TV.  When I first started playing guitar at the age of 16, recording myself playing was the best way for me to remember the melodies I was coming up which, in turn, helped me as I was starting to write songs.

    In the summer of 1980, I wanted to start a record label but instead Steve and I started a cassette label called Vicious Scam and kicked it off with a 12-song release by 7Seconds called ‘Socially Fucked Up’, recorded entirely on a portable cassette recorder with a condenser mic and in just a couple of takes. I designed a cover at a local Kinko’s and dubbed off about 20 copies that mostly went to friends.

    I kept writing songs and within a few months, sometime in 1981, I had 13 more songs for the band to record. This time, Steve (bass), me (guitar and vocals) and then-drummer Tom Munist would record using an actual 8 channel p.a. mixer, manned by our friends Kurt McCarthy and Sean Greaves, in our friend (and early Reno punk scene photographer) Gary Elam’s garage.

    Recording this ‘album’ was very intense. Several friends hung out with us during the 1-day session, joining on backing vocals whenever possible. The garage was like an oven and I just remember is playing the songs as fast as we possibly could and not worrying too much about getting ‘perfect takes’.

    The recordings would be used on our second cassette album release, ‘3 Chord Politics’, on Vicious Scam. I don’t remember exactly how or why I came up with the ‘3 Chord Politics’ title except that I thought – for whatever reason – it seemed to nail us to a tee at that time. For this new limited t-shirt release, I completely drew-by-hand and re-created the original design, including the ‘ransom letter’ style song titles used for the back cover.

    -Kev Seconds

    LIMITED TO 70. Ladies’ tees printed on Bella “Favorite Tees”. Ladies’ sizes run small!