“Redux 2020”

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  • Release # BFLD210
  • Limited to 150
  • Size Chart (Gildan/Bella) Clear
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    The Nardcore compilation album came out on Mystic Records in 1984. It introduced a lot of people to the bands coming out of Oxnard and the rest of Ventura County in California to rest of the world (even though some of them already had some stuff out, like Stalag 13 and Aggression, on other record labels). To this very day, “Nardcore” is a thing that the area’s residents are proud of. I drew this thing and made up this logo that has been copied a thousand times. Hell, I have even re-drawn this idea about ten times, just like with the with the 7 Seconds “Walk Together Rock Together” album cover I drew.

    The Nardcore cover was illustrated originally as a heavy pencilled drawing with a lot more detail. It seemed that the powers that be at Mystic Records couldn’t use my artwork because it wasn’t dark enough, so someone there drew over it with a pen and the cover was then reproduced! Uh…okay. It might have taken decades, but here is a new/updated version of what the cover was, in the same style, with actual ink, in a limited t shirt for you folks out there! I contacted Tony Cortez, (Ill Repute guitarist and sort of The Godfather of the Oxnard scene) to ask if he thought anyone would care if I did this. He said “not a all, go for it”. So… I went for it and here it is. We hope you like this t-shirt. Thanks a lot. -Brian Walsby 

    LIMITED TO 150. Ladies’ tees are printed on Bella/ Canvas “Favorite Tees”. ladies’ tees run small.