Rich Kids On LSD

“Beautiful Feeling 2021”

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    Rich Kids On LSD originated in Santa Barbara, CA in the early eighties. They were soon playing tons of shows and were lumped in with the “Nardcore” scene. The 1984 “Nardcore” compilation, a seven inch, and a mini album quickly followed. Complete with great song writing and an explosive live show; I thought they were the best band in our Ventura County/Santa Barbara County area. Their drummer Bomber wrote a lot of their tunes. Vocalist Jason had a pleasant snotty voice, and Chris and Vince were really good on their respective instruments (guitar and bass). They also had their own artist who drew everything. A fellow named Dan Sites did created really cool artwork for their records and flyers. RKL had something for sure. They were actually (quietly) very influential to a lot of people.

    Eventually the band moved to San Francisco. I only saw RKL up until Vince bailed sometime towards the end of 1986. Even though I have a high respect for “Rock And Roll Nightmare” and their subsequent lineups, I never personally saw any of them. That’s why I focused on this early version of RKL with this updated tribute to their first seven inch and the artwork that Sites did for it. It might have taken me thirty plus years to draw a shirt for the band, but here it is! Better late than never, right? Thanks to this version of the band’s surviving members (Chris and Vince) for letting us do this. We hope you like this shirt. Cheers! -Brian Walsby

    LIMITED TO 300. Ladies’ tees run small so check the size chart please.