Channel 3

“Fear Of Life”

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    Channel 3 has been delivering tuneful/ catchy punk/ hardcore since the early eighties. Their “Fear Of Life” album featured the band’s first lineup: Mike Magrann, Kimm Gardner, Mike Burton and Larry Kelly. Mike had a great voice and the songs were all great. Some of these tunes were staples on the “RODNEY ON THE ROQ” (Rodney Bingenhiemer) radio show out of Los Angeles. The band also made some ties into England with this record and their previous e.p., which were both put out by Robbie “Posh Boy” Fields. “Fear Of Life” and it’s follow up, “AFTER THE LIGHTS GO OUT” are both thrilling records by a band that seems to be a little under appreciated, but quite beloved to the people who know them.

    These drawings are based on photos that were in the lyric sheet insert of the “Fear Of Life” album. They were all taken by Ed Colver. Ed was one of four or five people who seemed to take every photograph of every cool band I went on to worship in the 1980s. We would like to thank Ed for giving us the green light on this. We also need to thank Mike and Kimm of Channel 3 for working with us to make this one happen. Cheers! -Brian Walsby

    LIMITED TO 300. Printed on Bella Canvas Soft Spun Cotton Apparel. LADIES’ SIZES RUN REALLY SMALL. Check the size chart.