Bat Fangs

“Six Pack Tour Shirt”

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    Bat Fangs’ approach to Rock takes me back to being hauled around in the back of my folks station wagon circa 1984. The radio is blasting The Go Gos, or Van Halen, or Brian Adams, or Joan Jet, or Billy Idol… or something else that screams “party hard”, “charge it”, and “this is bad for me, but I love it”. My shins are all scabbed up from contact with bike pedals; I’m covered in mosquito bites; and the windows are down as it’s 90 degrees out and the AC does not work. We’re probably doing the 9 hour drive from Rural NC to Northern New Jersey to visit my grandparents as we did this drive 2-3 times a year.

    OK… Now we’re stopping to pee, get some “unleaded” gas, and treat ourselves to Cokes and rolls of SweetHARTS. I look out the window as my dad is pumping gas and I see a van pull up covered in stickers. Betsy and Laura step out and my dad says “That’s some machine you ladies have there, Is that a ’79 Dodge?” “You look like rock stars… Are you guys rock stars”? They nod and my mom grabs the Kodak Instamatic off the dash to snap a picture of the “famous rock band” we ran into.

    If this whole daydream was real, my mom would have had the film developed 2 years later and we would have this picture for our family photo album. BAT FANGS! On tour now. Here’s pic to prove that we knew them before they were HUGE. -Charles/ Bifocal Media¬†

    LIMITED TO 150. Printed on BellaCanvas soft spun cotton tees.