Mutt Mutt Engine

“After School Friend”

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    Mutt Mutt Engine is the brainchild of Sally and Chris Mars. You might know of Chris as the Drummer for the Replacements and a celebrated painter. Mutt Mutt is a non-profit that rescues dogs and finds them homes. Here’s what Sally has to say about it all:

    I’d been thinking about it for years, but this is the day it started.

    Wait. It actually started a few years before…I was in a place called Las Playitas, Mexico, several miles from the nearest paved road. There, I saw a sad dog thing. It was a small, skinny, black dog tied to a tree with thick heavy chain – the kind of chain you’d tow a car with. I felt like I could see every bone in his body. He was so terrified that he peed when I reached out to pet him. He was so gentle that he rolled onto his back, even though that heavy chain pulled on his neck. He kissed my hand sweetly.

    I was miles from anywhere. There was no one around. I was flying out the next morning. In that instant I pictured: A postponed flight, a multi-hour journey to town then back again, bolt cutters. Instead, I gave that dog all the food I had – chips and a protein bar – and promised through tears that I would do right by him. Then I flew home to Minnesota.

    I did go back, specifically to try to find him. It had been two months. He wasn’t there. But he is still here, inside of me.

    So that’s how this journey really started. I couldn’t save that black dog that day, but I could make sure his suffering was not in vain. I would work to save others.

    It took a few years – to meet the right people, to understand what was needed, and how to do what I meant to. See, I was crushed by seeing one sad dog story. But there were others all over the world, dog lovers like me, who saw these stories every day. I wanted to help dogs, but I also wanted to help the people who help them.​

    This is a picture of a special day. It was the day when the most important connections were realized, and first dogs we would help were met. The one I’m holding here is Grillo. He’d become the fourth dog we brought up from Puerto Vallarta. I didn’t know in this moment he’d also become mine. Or maybe I did.

    Welcome to Mutt Mutt Engine. We identify dogs in need, and people who need help helping them. We find these dogs rescue – in Minnesota, in Boston, in Denver, in New York, in Maryland – and we fly them to brighter futures. We do this because love knows no borders. We do this because saving dogs IS saving people. We are do this because people traveling like I did to Mexico – or Puerto Rico, or Thailand, or China, or Houston, or San Diego – want to help too, and we can help them do so.

    Mutt Mutt Engine. We help people who love dogs find dogs love. We help people who help dogs find dogs help. ​Climb aboard.-Sally Mars, Executive Director/ Mutt Mutt Engine.

    Printed on Bella Canvas Soft Spun Cotton Apparel. LADIES’ SIZES RUN REALLY SMALL. Check the size chart.