Chris Mars

“Martin The Savant”

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    Martin the Savant isn’t good at everything, but he’s really great at some things.  Just like the rest of us.

    A lot of my work deals with marginalized or misunderstood populations or individuals, typically with a plea to look a little deeper.  If we try, we can usually find nuanced humanity where we once only saw a label.

    Martin the Savant was inspired by the work of Oliver Sacks, a writer and neurologist that profiled some really unique individuals in his books about brain function, malfunction, injury, healing and refinement.  If you haven’t read him, you might want to.  Really fascinating stuff.  His description of a ward of high-spectrum adults with autism cracking up watching news programs because of a particularly innate ability to spot a lie is something I think about nearly every day as I watch the news, or “news”, as cable tends to offer up.

    Anyhow, Martin the Savant isn’t like everybody else, but neither is anyone.  That’s just one thing we all have in common:  The fact that we are always and only no one else but ourselves.

    Thanks for supporting my work, and thanks Bifocal Media for doing such amazing printing.  I never thought reproductions like these would be possible.  As always, expect proceeds to go to charity, in this case some smaller interests supporting Ukrainian refugees whom I hope can return to their free, peaceful country soon.  Slave Ukraini. -Chris Mars

    LIMITED TO 200. Printed on BellaCanvas soft spun cotton apparel. LADIES’ SIZES RUN SMALL.