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    There’s nothing as great as Halloween, and this special, super limited Halloween tee keeps you swaddled in Halloween year round.

    From Chris:

    My brother Joe had schizophrenia.  He was kind, generous and hilarious.  Sometimes he would become afraid of random things, but Halloween wasn’t one of them.  Every year he wanted candy to hand out to the neighborhood kids, though most years he’d eat up all the candy himself before Halloween, even if we bought it just the day before.  He also always wanted a pumpkin.  But he’d never carve it; he believed quite sincerely in a pumpkin’s sacredness; its humanity.

    So my pumpkin series is borne and influenced by various aspects of what I love – Halloween, and my brother Joe – and channels a bit of Joe too.  This one is Keriophobia – a fear of candles.  Candles are something a pumpkin might welcome or fear, depending how they feel about their inevitable death, and what it looks like. -Chris Mars

    LIMITED TO 100. Printed on BellaCanvas soft spun cotton apparel. LADIES’ SIZES RUN VERY SMALL so take a look at the size chart for those.