Dinosaur Jr.

“Skank Man”

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    We’re super excited to have gotten the green light from the Dinosaur Jr. camp on this new shirt. When these guys put out their (now classic) second album “You’re Living All Over Me” towards the eight of the eighties, they basically set up a musical template that helped define the nineties. Think of how many youngsters played Jazz Masters through numerous pedals at ear splitting volume afterwards? The mind boggles at the thought. This design features head honcho J. Mascis in an obscure but not subtle tribute to a certain character/mascot for a certain early eighties Los Angeles punk band. Deck it out in the traditional Dinosaur Jr. colors of green and purple and you have a wonderful t-shirt that we hope you will enjoy. See you in the pit, motherfuckers! -Brian Walsby

    LIMITED TO 500