Jeff Pinkus

“Keep On The Grass”

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    To say that Jeff “JD” Pinkus is nothing short of an American musical institution would be selling him short! He has been a longstanding member/bassist for the Butthole Surfers and has played on many of their classic recordings. He is one of the rotating bassists for the Melvins and whose fingerprints are all of the Melvins “Hold It In” album. He takes part in playing with Honky, Pure Luck and has recently released his own SOLO BANJO album called KEEP ON THE GRASS, which is a wonderful recording, sort of like being lonesome in the desert but still taking peyote at night sort of feeling.

    I like Jeff Pinkus a lot. He is good company, really quick and funny, an excellent all around musician and the weaver of many many good stories. Oh, and he is sort of a legend. Legends deserve shirts. Even one of a cow smoking a joint like this one. Why not pick up a JD Pinkus shirt? You’ll be glad you did. -Brian Walsby

    LIMITED TO 300. Ladies’ shirts are printed on Bella Favorite Ts. Ladies’ tees run small!