Witch Taint

“Dark Regards”

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    Behold the cold black fury of Witch Taint, the most extremely extreme Norwegian black metal band from Gary, Indiana ever (probably), now immortalized in this infernal T-shirt design by artist Kristin DeBockler aka Brutalsquid. Witch Taint started as a figment of my imagination in the early 2000s when I tried to land a record deal with a Norwegian Black Metal record label in Norway despite not having written any music (Read the full and 100% real email correspondence at www.theblackmetaldialogues.com. Over time, the band somehow became a reality, complete with an appearance at the 2018 Wacken Open Air festival in Germany and a just-released debut full length album on Tee Pee Records. “Sons of Midwestern Darkness” is so metal it even features a guest appearance from Mykus from Venom. Kristin DeBockler spreads the Taint even further with this design that features the Grim Reaper eating Funyuns, a couple of irritable goats, evil soft drinks in the convenient two liter size, and at least five other things that will make people cross the street when they see you coming. Wear with caution! -Dave Hill (comedian, writer, pod cast producer, and metal maniac)

    LIMITED TO 300. Printed on Canvas soft cotton apparel. Ladies’ tees run small.