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    Keith Morris has agreed to let us put his face on 300 t shirts. Chris Shary has agreed to let us use his art on these shirts. These are two facts that excite us greatly! Does Mr. Morris really need an introduction? Perhaps not, but when you look at what he has done it does kind of stagger the imagination. Keith and Greg Ginn formed the seminal Black Flag in 1978, and he’s been kicking ass with Circle Jerks, OFF! and FLAG since then. Not too shabby huh? Not many folks still living can truly be called a punk pioneer and legend. Keith can. Still as vital and thoughtful as he was in the late 70’s. If you have yet to see him tearing it up with OFF! make sure you check em out, they tour constantly. This shirt was originally a purple Sharpie drawing done in honor of Keith, which seemed like the natural follow up to release from Chris Shary. Get it and let the world know you know what’s up. 

    LIMITED TO 300.