“Gluey Porch Treatments (Pink)”

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    In many ways, the debut album from (Melvins Gluey Porch Treatments) is still my favorite one; Especially impact wise. A year or so before it came out, I met the band and saw them play. It was love at first sight. There was a new sheriff in town!

    After I started to write letters to Buzz (pre Internet era and all), he mailed me a cassette with the first six songs from Gluey. Why not the whole thing? He said he wanted to keep the rest a secret for now. The first song, “Eye Flys” slowly unfolded like the behemoth it was. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It was the greatest recording of all time all of a sudden. I played the tape for people. They were either horrified, jealous, or compared it to the Swans. Unfortunately for me, I still thought that Melvins were way better than any Swans I had ever heard, and pretty much most “heavy” music at the time. They were pioneers, and Gluey Porch Treatments is STILL the ultimate album. Eye Flys is the ultimate album opener.

    I suppose some of you might need this “ultimate t shirt” that goes along with the rest of all of that. This spiffy Tom Hazelmyer design fills that bill nicely. Get it before it disappears! -Brian Walsby

    LIMITED TO 100. Printed On Gildan heavy cotton apparel.