“Lord Of The Flies (Raglan)”

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  • Release # BFLD305
  • Limited to 150
  • Size Chart Clear
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    Here we have another super limited edition offering from The Melvins and Thomas Hazelmyer. I first spied this artwork a few months ago as Tom was still carving it out of linoleum. He posted a pic on Facespace and my brain took me straight to Shirt City. At this point we started a spirited discussion relative to the endless options for printing these. What type of shirt should we use? What colors? Our final debate came as we tossed around the idea of adding a “subtle shimmer” of silver to the inks. Things got heated and Tom showed up at Bifocal headquarters in a bit of a rage.  He then proceeded to demonstrate his military training on me and my guards. We relented and agreed to add a touch of shimmer to the shirts… BUT… As it turns out, the shimmer machine at our print facility was damaged in the melee. So… after a few drinks, we’ve decided to offer two versions of this design; One on a standard black shirt with blue and one on a raglan tee in green. No shimmer included. -Charles Cardello/ Bifocal Media

    LIMITED TO 150. Printed on Canvas soft cotton raglan tees.