“News Of The World”

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    Ahhh… Imagine that. Me and the Melvins working together on a limited artsy fartsy project. This was a no-brainer for Charles (my publisher dude) and I as I’ve been acquainted with the Melvins for quite some time. They’ve housed me, taken me on tour, employed me and have been one of my favorite bands for a very long time. On top of all that, they’ve been great friends and have gone way out of their way in tolerating and accommodating my “art”.

    This idea came from a poster I drew while on tour with the Melvins in 2009. I was their merch guy and when I was not peddling their countless goods to ravenous consuming fans; I was drawing posters and selling them to top shelf art connoisseurs who just happened to be at the show. The drawing is a play on Queen’s “News of the World” album art with Kurt Cobain as the maniacal robot destroying the band. -Brian Walsby