Negative Approach

“Tres Bateristas”

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    I drew this a while ago and it was always meant to be a t-shirt design for Negative Approach. I say that because I met them some time ago and seemed to hit it off with John, Harold, Ron and any number of their three drummers that they have rotated over the years. That would include original drummer OP, Chuck, and Meat (who is featured in this design)..THREE DRUMMERS!!. Anyways, they seemed pretty into it and liked my stuff alright. Jump forward a couple of years; Harold gives me the nod and here it is: the Negative Approach shirt boasting three drummers in an intense stage (even though you can’t see it) scenario. We are fans of these guys and this band. A twenty five plus year gap didn’t even seem to matter to them. We hope you dig the shirt. -Brian Walsby

    LIMITED TO 300.