The Chats


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    We’ve all seen it… chunks of pre-heated garbage that slops down the assembly line and nicely slots into a round tin with a big flashy label hat reads “punk!” “Hey kids.. are you ready for the crazy “punk” styles of” (insert bland band here).

    Then… something jumps out of the corner and it’s just simply a super insanely catchy cool song that gets stuck In yer headspace for days and it is punk … but it’s so carefree and unbothered by what you (or any corporate music rep wants to label it) that it wins you over instantly. You hear another song and another …and they are all ace. Who’s this band? It’s The Chats, mate! Now, that lightning bolt of pure killer no filler approach gets the Evil Jay treatment for this slick new garb. You knew it had to be a bass playing giant cig’ who is (of course) smoking !‘Natch~!!! -Evil Jay/ Tokyo

    Limited to 100. Printed on Bella Canvas soft cotton tees. Ladies’ sizes run super small so check the size chart.