“Urban Squall”

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    We’re happy to be working with Spazz on yet another project. OG Bifocal historians will remember that Spazz appeared in the first ever Bifocal Media release (The Actuality Of Thought Video) way back in 1998.

    This band was an enormous breath of fresh air In the mid ‘90s era of pretentious living room rock. They played short, fast, heavy tunes about Satan, Kung Fu, Pro Wrestling, skateboarding, and other over the top subject matter. Their albums were peppered with hilarious/ cool samples from movies and television programs. They were unapologetic, funny, and amazingly tight for an out of control thrash band. As a result, Spazz had become a very endearing and popular band by the time they finally made it from Redwood City CA to the east coast (on tour) in 1996. My roommate Shon and I put on a show for them at Backdoor Skatepark in Greenville, NC and the attendance blew our minds. Footage from this show ended up in the first ever Bifocal Media release “The Actuality Of Thought” in 1998.

    • We’ve been working with Spanish artist Darwin Drawin (Daniel Abella) for years now and we’re super excited that we got this Spazz tee sorted out with him and the band as he’s been asking us about working with these guys for a while. LETS EFFING GOOOOOO! -Charles Cardello/ Bifocal Media
    • Limited to 300. Printed on BellaCanvas Soft Spun Tees. Ladies sizes run really small so check the size chart.