Slight Slappers

“I Won’t Belong To Your Side”

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    I remember reading those old issues of MRR and feeling that grimy newsprint on your fingers while reading up on countless numbers of bands that sounded amazing. Besides the awesome (and often infamous) column section of MRR, one of my favorite parts of the mag was the Scene Reports which featured a real close up view into what the hell was going on in punk rock all over the world. Wow…what a massive info dump of crucial stuff right there in your hands. I always really especially loved it when there was a Japan scene report. Although, compared to other countries at the time, Japan still seemed to have a smaller punk scene than compared to Europe (for example)…but the stuff that was coming out of there was blazingly unique and wild. I remember drooling over some of the band names alone: Real Reggae, Death Side, Sex On The Beach, SOB, and…Slight Slappers. It all sounded insane. Luckily, one of the local college radio DJ’s got involved in bringing the Maximum Rock & Roll show to the airwaves via the MRR cassette system…(which seems wild to look back on now)!! and through these old MRR tapes and zine correspondences throughout the years, I could finally get my ears around these bands.

    Amazingly, Slight Slappers have remained a constant blinding jet-fueled force of true Japanese Power Violence. How they have kept harnessing that power and good-natured musical intensity is a true wonder. And I’m very excited to bring this Slight Slappers shirt design to life. I hope that all the Slight Slappers fans in the US and beyond have something to get excited for…because this one’s for us. What more can be said about one of Japan’s longest running grindcore groups except…AAARRRRRGGHHHHCHKKOOOKKGHXXCHKOG!!!! -Evil Jay, Tokyo

    Limited to 300. Printed on BellaCanvas Soft Spun Tees. Ladies sizes run really small so check the size chart.