Pink Fairies

“Up The Pinks!”

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    In tenth grade I went into a record store and came out with a record that featured three extremely long haired hippy looking guys rocking out. The name of the band was PINK FAIRIES. I thought that there was just no way a band calling themselves Pink Fairies, who looked like three long haired freaks, with song titles like “Pigs Of Uranus”, “The Snake” and “Wargirl” could not at least be sort of interesting. It turned out I was right! I soon figured out that the record I got was sort of a Polydor Records issued “greatest hits” sort of collection… Except Pink Fairies had no hit songs. They also had three albums, each with three different versions of the band. The first was with guitarist Paul Rudolph, bassist Duncan Sanderson and drummers (yes, two drummers) Russel Hunter and Twink. Twink and Rudolph sang. Then for the second album, it was the same lineup minus Twink. After that, Rudolph quit and was replaced by Larry Wallis for their final album. At least that is what was going on when I became aware of Pink Fairies in the early eighties. I have loved the band ever since.

    Flash forward several decades.

    Pretty much everyone in the Pink Fairies is no longer alive, with the exception of Twink and lone guitarist (of Canadian heritage) Paul Rudolph. it’s the second album version of the band with Paul and Duncan and Russel that this shirt pays tribute to; with the cooperation of Rudolph, who has been super cool. It’s a thrill to do this. I know I always say that, but especially in this case, it’s really true! I love the Pink Fairies and their sonically brutal, psychedelic barrage, which pre-dated punk rock as much as the Stooges or MC5 or whomever the heck you want to put in there. Paul Rudolph is one of the greatest guitarists of his generation… a true monster of his instrument.

    We aren’t even going to get into their version of THE VENTURES “Walk Don’t Run”, which is eleven plus minutes long and goes from savage punk rock riffing to otherworldly spacey jamming more insane than anything. Plus, they even wrote THEIR OWN LYRICS for this version even though it’s a cover of an instrumental! If this shirt can sum up the joy of that recorded moment, even for just a little bit, we will have truly arrived!

    Thanks to both Paul and Charles for letting this happen. It’s a cool moment, and I am happy it’s happening. UP THE PINKS! -Brian Walsby

    LIMITED TO 300. Printed on Canvas soft cotton tees. Ladies tees printed in Bella Canvas “Favorite Tees”. Ladies’ sizes run small.