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    In the early ‘90s there was new kind of DIY punk bubbling up from the depths. Nirvana had established weirdo rock as something that was “OK” for normal kids to like, yet bands like Jesus Lizard and Fugazi continued to tour, record, and thrive just below the surface; playing 300-800 capacity floors at established clubs across the country. This proved a fertile breeding ground for new bands eager to play, record, and tour… none of which were able to land a gig at a “big” college town rock club. Tons of new magazines, venues, and record labels were founded out of necessity. Now, bands could book two months of shows across the US at house parties, tiny venues, and (rented out) VFW halls. Small, hometown labels put out records and independent distributors like Ebullition shipped them to stores all over the planet.  Of these small labels, Justin Pearson’s Three One G was among my favorites. San Diego had this whole mystique going on that we (on the east coast) found really intriguing. The bands played fast, complicated songs with lots of noise and screaming. They wore tight black clothing and had “interesting” hairdos. We dug it.

    Artist Ron Liberti and I were working with Justin on a shirt for one of his many bands when this image came up as a joke between us. While it was an obvious “no go” for the band in question; we all agreed that it was perfect for Justin’s ongoing kickass record label: San Diego, Violence, Three One G! Enjoy. -Charles Cardello/ Bifocal Media

    LIMITED TO 300. Ladies’ shirts are printed on Bella Favorite Ts. Ladies’ tees run small.