“Flying Saucer”

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    I am deeply honored to be able to do a t-shirt design for VOIVOD. And luckily the design came out perfectly, a nice rendering of Snake, Away, Blacky and newest member Chewy. For well over a quarter of a century VOIVOD has boldly carried on no matter what. They have racked up some impressive albums that are amongst my very favorites, from the rawness of Killing Technology to the pristine Nothingface to the creepy and downright terrifying Phobos. VOIVOD is a peerless musical unit that shows no sign of letting up. Add to that the distinct and amazing art of Away with the searing musical uniqueness of the band’s late lamented guitarist Piggy and you have the whole package. It has been a blast for me to note that I am being able to draw t-shirts for a lot of my favorite bands, people that I have been listening to since I was still in California over a quarter of a century ago, and VOIVOD is another addition to this list. I hope all of the VOIVOD fans dig it, because I know I sure do. – Brian Walsby

    LIMITED TO 300.