“True Patriots”

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    Next to the Big Boys, I can’t think of a more life affirming band then the MINUTEMEN. These three men from San Pedro not only made great pioneering music, but they created a universe within their band (thanks Joe Carducci!) and everything about this legendary group still more than holds up. The conviction of the music, politics that you can easily get behind in the minimal lyrics, doing it for the right reasons and having a great time in the process; these are a few things that stand out about them. Simply put, Mike Watt, George Hurley and the late and lamented D. Boon did it right. You want no rules themed “punk rock”, even if it doesn’t have a mohawk, or simply plays barre chords? You came to the right band. After contacting Mike Watt and meekly asking permission, he thought it seemed like a cool idea, sooo..here you go. -Brian Walsby

    LIMITED TO 300.